How to Prepare the Best Falafel Dish to Serve Four Served With Tahini


Falafel is the traditional Arabian meal roughly translated to pepper. The vegetarian fritters are usually deep fried and commonly served with hummus, toum or tahini sauce. The meal is delicious, nutritious, and addictive and the ball-shaped, patty or doughnut-like usually prepared from fava beans, chickpeas or even both depending on the individual's needs, requirements, taste, and preference. The meal is so common in the Middle East countries ranging from small kiosks, streets, middle-class hotels and restaurants as well as the most luxurious food joints. The dish is prepared with varied procedures and recipes depending on the cook in charge. Discussed below is the most popular and famous recipe to make maximoe foods falafel to serve a group of four guests and made with chickpeas.

To come up with the best outcome and product, the individual preparing the dish requires the ingredients below all in their fresh, attractive and nutritious forms;
A single full cup of dried chickpeas
Enough olive oil
Three cloves of chopped garlic
A teaspoon of coriander
Another teaspoonful of cumin
Double tablespoons of flour
Sufficient salt to taste
Enough pepper as may be desired by the diners
Triple tablespoons of freshly chopped parsley
A single onion that is well diced
The first step in making the best falafel mix is to soak the chickpeas in cold water a night before the preparation day. The procedure helps to soften the peas since they naturally take longer to cook. During preparation, the cook is expected to drain all the water from the peas and then add in clean, fresh water and leave them to boil for approximately five minutes to ensure they are soft enough.

After boiling the peas, they should be allowed to cool and then eventually mixed with the fresh well-diced onions, the garlic, the coriander, the parsley, the wheat flour, the cumin, the pepper and the salt in a large bowl and ensure each ingredient tastes as required.

The mixture is then put in a food processor to blend or mashed my hands in the absence of the equipment into a moderately thick paste. From the mixture, make small balls of the desired size with a relatively flattened side. The olive oil is then heated in a large pan to boiling point, and then the balls are deep fried for about five to six minutes until their color turns to golden brown. The meal is then served with tahini which is usually made from sesame seed paste.

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